A few Changes but Games Will Go Ahead on the Weekend

There are a few changes for away games but all games will proceed on the weekend.

However, there have been some location and/or kick off time changes for the following teams over the weekend (in addition to those already advised earlier in the week for 7F and 13B):

U6G, 13D, 13E, 35B and 35E (see below for revised locations/ko time as appropriate)


O6G      @ The Ridge 9   ko 9:00 am – Heathcote Waratah v Sylvania Heights

13D      @ Sutherland 3  ko 12:20 pm – Sylvania Heights v Cronulla Seagulls

13E       @ Sutherland 3  ko 10:00 am – North Sutherland v Sylvania Heights


35B      @ The Ridge 3   ko 3:00 pm – St. Patricks v Sylvania Heights

35E       @ Bundeena  1  ko 11:40 am – Bosco v Sylvania Heights

Click the Link Below for the full list. Changes are highlighted in pink

Amended Draw for Round 2 April  1st and 2nd

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