All Soccer postponed this weekend

Council have, as a direct result of the recent wet weather and the state of the fields, advised that they would prefer that we do not play football this weekend (25 & 26 March) and that we commence our competitions on the weekend of 1 and 2 April. Council have also offered an extension to our season of one (1) week to 2 and 3 September.
Accordingly clubs are advised that this will impact the draw as follows:
1. Round 1 will now be rescheduled to 8 and 9 April,
2. Round 2 will remain as scheduled for 1 and 2 April,
3. Regrading requests/ decisions will now be moved back at least one week (still dependent upon subsequent rounds being played),
4. All matches scheduled for this Friday night (24 March) are cancelled and will be rescheduled to 7 April (or moved to 9 April),
5. Semi Finals, Finals and Grand Finals will all be pushed back one week, and
6. Plan B matches as previously published will proceed this weekend at Kareela.
Note that Plan B will proceed this weekend at Kareela as it maximises the use of the Kareela synthetic fields and the number of matches some teams will play. It is also expected that this is unlikely to be the only washed out Round this season (but, if no other Rounds are washed out the Plan B participants for this weekend will have a weekend off before the semi-finals).
Please advise your teams and players accordingly (with wholehearted thanks to Council for their support and flexibility).

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