I.D. Sightings for New Players and new to SSFA players

Junior & Senior players NEW to SSFA Clubsneed to provide proof of residency.

​​​​​​ID Sightings – SSFA (Refer Rule 4. B, C & D)

Proof of Birth – Birth Certificate, Passport, Drivers Licence.

Proof of Residency

​o Driver’s Licence – must have current address on the front

​(RTA endorsed change of address on the back of drivers licence will NOT be accepted as proof of residence)

​o Rate Notice

​o Rental Agreement

​o Utility / Electricity / Water Notice

​o NOTE: Telephone and Mobile Phone Accounts will NOT be accepted


Parents must show residency documents, as above, or if a child doesn’t live in the Sutherland Shire area but goes to school in the Shire, a letter from the school confirming 2016 attendance or a 2016school ID.

Proof of ID must be sighted and verified by the club registrar.

A player will not be accepted for registration or an ID card produced until the requirements of

(SSFA Rules 4.C a), b), c), d) are completed.

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