Mini Roos Regrades

The following mini Roos teams have been regraded.
6D to 6C

6H to 6J/2 (internal re-grade)

6J/2 to 6H (internal re-grade)

W6C/1 to W6B/1

W6C/2 to W6B/2

7G/1 to 7F

7G/2 to 7H

W7D to W7C

8G to 8H

W10B to W10A

These re-grades will take effect immediately and will be reflected on the Draw for Round 5 this coming Saturday – details of which should be out Tues PM and I will inform you in the normal manner

We cannot appeal any of these re-grades so pse don’t ask! – however based on results thus far they all seem very fair!

Also for managers pse ensure you change the ‘team name’ on the photograph envelope you recently picked up so they are printed correctly!
Russ Strudwick

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