Photo Requirement

2016 updated Photographs are required for all of the following:

U10 Boys & Girls

U18 Boys & Girls

U14 Boys & Girls

O35, O45 & W30 players

ALL NEW players U10 and older


No glasses to be worn in ID photographs, unless they are sports glasses. 

Refer Rule 4.G regarding approval

  1. Photo of player with sports glasses on. e.g. the FFA profile photo in MFC.
  2. Letter from optometrist detailing the type of glasses purchased (with player name) and their specifications, including specific mention of the make, material and durability.
  3. Manufacture specification of the sports glasses

A player will not be accepted for registration or an ID card produced until the requirements of (SSFA Rules 4.C a), b), c), d) are completed.

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