Return To Training

SHFC Update

We are pleased to inform the SHFC family that effective from Tuesday 2nd June 2020, (subject to final Council approval) we will allow TRAINING only at Box Rd.

Football NSW are engaging with the NSW Government as to when (and if) we may be able return to competitive play and more details will be released when that info is available. However competitive play may still be sometime away.

COVID-19 is mostly likely spread through direct close contact with a person while they are infectious (usually face to face contact for at least 15 minutes; or being in the same closed space for at least 2 hours). Given that football is played outdoors, the risk of infection through playing sport is minimal, and now with the rate of infection greatly reduced, it is
time to cautiously reintroduce football related activity in a staged approach.

The conditions required for the limited return of football training are detailed. SHFC will soon release our COVID-19 policy. We will also require all coaches and managers to attend a ZOOM meeting hosted by the SHFC committee detailing the new training requirements. Invitations with meeting details will be emailed to coaches and managers by SSFA Shared Services soon.

To further aid the fight against COVID-19, SHFC supports the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe app and strongly encourages all members of the football community to get behind this initiative. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play.

All football participants including players, coaches, match officials, club officials and any other person at the venue are responsible for stopping the spread of COVID-19. Please read the club documents which has information sheet and guide on the return to training.

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