Round 6 Duty Roster

Please see link below to the duty roster for all SHFC home teams, round 6 at Box Rd.

SHFC Duty Roster Round 6 – 8 August 

Canteen remains OPEN however it will continue with NO parent volunteers.

BBQ duty (which is outside) will always be before your child’s scheduled game, so you don’t miss out on watching them play. We appreciate if you could be on time for allocated duties or change-over to ensure the day functions smoothly.

COVID19 – SHFC BBQ area measures in place

  • We have established a one way traffic area within the alcove area with directional arrows marked no the concrete floor surface allowing for the 4.0sqm rule to be adhered to.
  • 5M social distancing is marked on the concrete floor area leading up to the serving area.
  • Social distancing signs are placed in prominent areas.
  • Volunteer area – A distance of 1.5M is marked on the concrete floor with tape to maintained 1.5M between volunteers serving and volunteers cooking.
  • Customer area – A distance of 1.5M is marked on the concrete floor area, a table is placed in front of the serving area acting as a 1.5M barrier maintained between volunteers and customers.
  • Disposable gloves are provided and are mandatory for all volunteers at all times.
  • No volunteer is handle bread and or rolls presented for filling, each customer are place their bread/roll on trays provided and open for volunteer to fill.
  • No customer is to handle trays provided the volunteer is to present tray to customer.
  • Dispensing of sauce is to be undertaken by volunteers only.
  • BBQ ‘tags’ are to be placed in dispenser by customer and washed by canteen staff before being put back into circulation.
  • BBQ bench tops and trays are to wiped down by volunteers at the change over of each shift.

Canteen staff to brief all volunteers at every change over on BBQ area. Face masks will now been worn by canteen and will also be available (and encouraged) for those on BBQ duty.


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