Team Photos: Second session this Saturday 3/6

The second session of SHFC Team Photos will take place this coming Sat 3 Jun – photo timings are below and teams are Managers are advised to have their teams ‘mustered’ and ready to go 5 mins beforehand if possible – all photos will be taken on the grass area behind the Clubhouse”
6D   7.30AM
6E   7.40AM
6I/1    7.50AM
7H/2   8.00AM
7H/3     8.10AM
7I/1      8.20AM
7I/3      8.30AM
8B        8.40AM
8C       8.50AM
7C       9.00AM
9E       9.10AM
9G      9.20AM
W6B/2       9.30AM
W6B/1      9.40AM
6G        9.50AM
W10C       10.00AM
10A        10.10AM
W8A.      10.30AM
W8B       10.40AM
11A        10.50AM
W7B      11.00AM
7F          11.10AM
14C/2      11.30AM
9B         12 NOON
9A/2       12.10PM
W16B      12.20PM
18E        12.40PM

One thought on “Team Photos: Second session this Saturday 3/6

  1. 11A Adrian Bevan attended photo however money paid at game. He would like tamest pack only $17. Can we drop the money in to club today?

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