Team Photos this Saturday

Below is the schedule for team and Individual photos this weekend. The attached photo shows photo packages available. Your Manager or coach will take care of collecting money and placing your preferences on the team order.

6B/1 7.50AM
6B/2 9.20AM
6H 9.30AM
6I/1 8.50AM
6I/2 9.00AM
7I/4 9.10AM
7D 8.00AM
W7C 8.20AM
W12A 11.10AM
13D 10.00AM
13A 11.00AM
15A 12.10PM
18B N/R
8A 7.30AM
8E 7.40AM
9A 8.30AM
W9A 8.40AM
10F 11.20AM
10B 10.10AM
W10D/1 10.30AM
11F 11.40AM
W11B 12.40PM
11B 1.10PM
13E 10.20AM
13B 9.40AM
14C/1 12.50PM
W14A 12 NOON
W10D/2 10.40AM

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