The Club Defibrillator

In case of a cardiac emergency, our club has a defibrillator (pictured). 
It was donated to our club by the Marc Arcuri Foundation.
It is located just inside the entrance door to the canteen on BR2.
It is hanging at eye level on the left hand side.
If the door is locked, there is a key for the door inside a combination box which is located on the wall just to the left of the door.
The combination is 288.
In case of emergency, first call 000 and access the defibrillator.
Take and unzip the defibrillator.
Follow the written instructions.
Once the defibrillator is active, a recorded voice on the device will talk you through the instructions.
It is very simple to use.
In a cardiac emergency, use of a defibrillator combined with CPR, can raise the chances of survival by up to 80% over just CPR alone.
Hopefully , we will never need to use it.

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