Trees Day

Just an update on the Trees Day this Saturday at 3pm game time which is growing in importance on a number of levels.

Firstly about the day. This is the inaugural Trees Day which is designed to get some of our former trees back associated with the club. If i could ask each member to please get in touch with former players and would appreciate if you could keep doing so and try and get as many people at the day as possible. Furthermore this day is not exclusively a Boys day(hence the change in name to Trees Day), we want everyone associated with SHFC in some way involved. Please bring your partners, children, grandparents, ex-wives, future wives whoever wants to be involved.

This day is the beginning of something that we as a club want to grow and it is our intention that as the years go by, the main game on the Saturday will become a feature of Trees Day and the teams playing in that game will play for the ‘Trees Cup’. On Saturday, we will beginning this tradition and I have a trophy struck which will be issued to the winning team on Saturday afternoon.

After the game, we have a function arranged at the Golfy which both SHFC and Como teams and supporters are invited. At the Golfy there will be finger food supplied, drinks for guests will be at standard Golf Club prices.

So we can accommodate catering, could you please confirm your interest by indicating one of the following to the below email address:

• I will be attending the Old Boys Day Game and function at Kareela Golf Club
• I will be attending the Old Boys Day Game only
• I will attend the Old Boys Day function at Kareela Golf Club

Confirmation Email address:

Hope to see everyone at the game.

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