Trees in Grand Finals this weekend

Congratulations to our 6 teams who’ve made it to this weekend’s Grand Finals.
Here’s where to catch their games

4 teams making it into the SAT Grand Final

It appears that SHFC needs to set up camp at St Pats home ground on Forest Road


U15D G/F
Sylvania Heights V NORTH Sutherland
Forest Road
8:30 AM

U15C G/F
Sylvania Heights 1v Lilli Pilli Forest Road
10:30 AM

U16C G/F
SYLVANIA Heights v Caringbah Redbacks
Forest Road
12:30 PM

The W14A play in middle at Seymour Shaw main stadium

W14A G/F
SYLVANIA Heights v Marton 1
Seymour Shaw 1
10:30 AM

2 teams in SUN GRand Finals

Again we are lucky in that both are at Ridge 2 straight after each other, so again SHFC will set up camp.


45A G/F
Sylvania Heights v Engadine Eagles
The Ridge 2
12:30 PM

AL04 G/F
SYLVANIA Heights v Kirrawee 2
The Ridge 2
2:30 PM

Lets get along in our team strip and support the trees and bring these games home.
Good luck everyone

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