Trial Matches for Sunday 25th March

Below is the  link to the draw for trial matches held at Tree Stadium , Sunday 25th March.

Trial Games Tree Stadium Sunday 25 March

Opponents – some of you will be playing SHFC v SHFC games – to avoid shirt clashes in these games, the team nominated as the AWAY team on the Spreadsheet should simply get their players to play with their shirts ‘turned inside out’ – note for the W14 and U15 SHFC v SHFC games on BR3 (bottom field) full size bibs will be provided.


Referees – Referees will be provided for each game – U12 and above have been allocated and are on the spreadsheet – the mini-roos referees (U6-11) will be allocated tomorrow (James fna pse).


Ground Set-Up/BBQ/Canteen Duties – Team Managers MUST check ‘column G’ of the spreadsheet for your contribution to the club duties for the day – this is a good test of how we will run throughout the season when you have a home game – you will note that the duties are not onerous and simply require you to get volunteers from your parents to either do ground set-up, BBQ or Canteen – simply email them the game details and ask for volunteers to assist with the assigned duty (my advice is to keep a list of who steps up as the season goes on and that way you can see who is not doing their bit for the team as the season progresses!!) – you will also note that the times given to these duties mean that they are conducted before your teams kick off, which means that they arrive a little early, do their duty and then watch their kids play and go home afterwards – too easy!

These ‘trial matches’ also give you the final opportunity to meet and greet your new players/parents before the season starts and for some to work out who is going to be the Coach or Manager for that team moving forward – so if you are a Coach/Manager receiving this email without a corresponding Coach/manager for your team then this is a good opportunity to talk to the parents and get one to put their hand up – if someone does pse give their details to me.


Hopefully you have all briefed your teams of the fixture based on previous emails from me – however, importantly, if you do not think you will be able to fulfil the fixture then pse let me know soonest as it is highly embarrassing when a team arrives from Lugarno and we have no opposition for them!!

Russ Strudwick                                                                                                                                                          SHFC Secretary

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