Uniform Shop Sales Reminder

Advising that the Uniform Shop will be open for sales of Shirts, Shorts and Socks for the upcoming season running out of the canteen.


Shirt  $40

Shorts  $30

Socks   $12

Complete Set $70

Monday 2nd March   6pm-730pm

Tuesday 3rd March   6pm-8pm

Please note the club has already Sublimated numbers on shirts so would be useful to select from these shirts but if you choose to put a number on the cost will be $10 and that will be paid at the time of purchasing, please speak to team managers/coaches for teams in U12 and above for numbers that dont clash with existing team members.

Numbers will be put on by Scott from Beyond Sport which your manager should organise as a complete lot not one shirt here and there. Contact is scottp@beyondsports.com.au

Numbers on Shirts are team responsibility not the clubs so i would suggest this happens sooner than later with the season kicks off in under 4 weeks…

These 2 nights will be the last chance before the start of the season, to purchase uniforms. Unless a purchased shirt needs to be swapped due to number clash.

Purchases can be made from the canteen at the start of the season

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