Week 2 SHFC Annual Photographs

SHFC Annual Photographs – Times below for the second session of our Annual Team and Individual Photographs will take place this coming Saturday 19 May.

Having taken into account those who had them one last Saturday the list below is the remainder of our teams – majority are at home and I have fitted in/around your ko times – some are away again (6 in number) and I have fitted in your photo time with your ko time and away game location (see brackets below).  So for this coming Saturday 19 May the timetable is:

7.30AM                –              6A

7.40AM                –              6C

7.50AM                –              6H

8.00AM                –              7B/1

8.10AM                –              7J

8.20AM                –              7I

8.30AM                –              W7C

8.40AM                –              12E

8.50AM                –              W6B/1

9.00AM                –              W6B/2

9.10AM                –              9A

9.20AM                –              8A (playing at Marton @10.45)

9.30AM                –              8H

9.40AM                –              8E

9.50AM                –              10A (playing at Gymea @11.30)

10.00AM              –              W9A

10.10AM              –              W7B

10.30AM              –              14C

10.45AM              –              W9C

11.00AM              –              12B (playing at Greenhills @ 9.00)

11.10AM              –              8B (playing at Bosco @9.40)

11.20AM              –              14D

11.30AM              –              11C (playing at Gymea @12.30)

11.45AM              –              W12A (playing at Oyster Bay @10.00)

MIDDAY               –              15B

12.15PM              –              SPARE

12.30PM              –              W11C

12.45PM              –              16A

1.30PM                 –              W14A/1


I appreciate that for some, particularly later in the day, this means that your photo is sometime before your kick off, but I simply cannot have the photographer hanging around so apologiesWhat you will also note is that the timings are tight and as Managers should have their teams mustered and ready to go at least 5 mins before if possible – ALL photos will take place behind the main hall as you enter the lower car park – pse group your teams together at the main entrance to the Community Hall and I will show you were to go from there – PSE NOTE I CANNOT ENTERTAIN ANY CHANGES TO THIS TIMETABLE, SO PSE DON’T ASK!!

As a reminder, photographs can be purchased by parents using differing photograph packages from team to individual shots – think School photographs and you will not be far wrong! – you ALL have the envelopes I believe

The team photographs are also used for End of Season Yearbook so it is essential that ALL your players attend if possible – also all Coaches and Managers are invited to be in the team photographs too!

Pse note that all Coaches and Managers are provided with ONE full team photograph EACH at NO COST TO YOU – the Club pays for this as a way of saying thanks for your efforts over the season!


Russ Strudwick

Secretary  SHFC

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