Frequently Asked Questions

General Information


All players must have shin-pads & boots. This applies to all competition games, semi finals & finals. It also includes any trial games and is strongly recommended for all training sessions.

Helping Our Club

Teams will be rostered on for Canteen, BBQ, ground set up & take down duties. Duty is only rostered when you have a home game and generally no more than for an hour and never when you play away from Box Road. The Canteen profits assist in minimising registration fees and the purchase of equipment.

Also for this season we are continuing the practise of teams being encouraged to become involved and help with the running of the Club. Over the last couple of seasons, the Club has generated a great deal of goodwill with this process and teams have enjoyed their contribution.

Our Website & Socials 

Sylvania Heights Soccer Club (SHFC) has a WEB page:

Refer to this regularly for all information including Committee, Gradings, Draws, Rosters, News etc.

SHFC also uses Facebook, Instagram and Team App to keep our members update.

Club Meetings

Monthly meetings are held. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Club Code of Conduct

There is a Club Code of Conduct that must be observed and signed by ALL PLAYERS, PARENTS and OFFICIALS associated with Sylvania Heights FC.

Make sure that you are aware of the Code of Conduct as any breaches will be treated and dealt with seriously by the Club Executive.

This will appear as a Terms & Conditions clause that will require a mandatory response as part of the on-line registration process.


What is the minimum age you can register?

Your child must be turning 5 in 2023.

What documentation is needed to register as a first time player?

If you or your child has not played football in the SSFA then you will need to present to the Club in person on one of the advertised registration days as:

  • You will need an original birth certificate, driver’s license or passport to be produced upon registration in order to verify the date of birth. It will not be necessary to produce this document when registering in later years.
  • You will also be required to demonstrate proof of residency in the Sutherland Shire IF you have never previously played in the Shire. For adults, this proof may be a driver’s license, bank statement, electricity bill, lease agreement. For children, a parent’s license/proof will be needed.

Can I play football with my friends?

The club will attempt to meet requests to play with friends for U6 & U7 and has no difficulty in putting together teams based upon submitted lists of players. However, U8’s and above, team selection will be based upon matching players’ abilities. (Called grading.)

However, the Club also appreciates and supports that some players play socially and wish to form teams on this basis.

When does the season start? 

The season is 18 rounds/weeks; from Saturday 25 March 2023. Teams normally play one week at home at Box Road Sylvania and the following week away within the Shire.

Do we play in the School Holidays?

YES. Only weekend of NO sport will be Easter, 8 & 9 April.

What about washed out games?

Washed out weekends are endeavoured to be replayed, however there is only one spare weekend for a catch up round. If it is too wet to play, a decision will be made around 7.00am on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It will then be posted on the website, Facebook and Team App, and the wet weather officers advised. It is the Managers responsibility to contact the wet weather officer & then advise the team.


Will there be grading?

It is very likely that all teams/players will be graded. Players will be graded on merit with input from team and grading coaches. Please note that grading decisions are taken over an extended period and involve significant discussion between relevant coaching staff. Please remember that grading is for the players’ benefits, not the social needs of parents. The Grading Committee has the final responsibility.

What about trial games?

Full details will be provided to team coaches and managers once to hand. We expect to provide all teams at least 1 trial game in late March 2023.

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